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School trips to Morocco

Education For All Home Learning Unit 2

This unit of work has been designed to address the needs of Year 6 pupils in primary schools as they prepare for their transition into Year 7 at their secondary school. It has been prepared now (June 2020) in an attempt to address any uncertainty around school openings and traditional transition arrangements.

We at Discover Ltd and Education For All Morocco decided to use the wealth of resources we have collected over many years for a variety of audiences to prepare a unit of home or school-based study around the ‘geography’ of Morocco.

Our intention is that this supports:

  • a) primary school colleagues planning home learning units;
  • b) provides Year 6 pupils with a high quality study pack which aims to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding across the 3 key aims of the NC for Geography (skills; places / context; and physical / human geography); and
  • c) supports secondary school colleagues as you revise and modify your traditional transition arrangements this term, should you not be able to hold face-to-face sessions with your new Year 7 intake of students.

The aim is then that the pupils in Year 6 would bring their ‘completed’ study pack with them at the start of Year 7 to share with their geography teacher. We fully recognise that this is but a tiny part of the primary-secondary transition process but we hope that it makes that step from Y6-Y7 that little bit easier and slightly less stressful for Y6 pupils.

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