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Geography and Biology Fieldwork, Adventure and Community work in the south of France
Fieldwork, Adventure, Community Work and Cultural Experiences in Morocco
For Schools and Universities

Discover Ltd has been running school field trips and educational tours for over thirty-five years, offering students and teachers wonderful study tour experiences in spectacular locations. We own two bases. In Morocco, our base in the Toubkal National Park enables us to organise bespoke study tours around the whole of Morocco. The Eagle’s Nest in the Cévennes National Park in France gives access to the Mediterranean coast, the volcanic and glacial landscapes of the Massif Central and the incredible diversity of the Causse-Cévennes UNESCO World Heritage site.

What people have said

Why do I take our IGCSE and IBDP groups to the Eagle’s Nest? The scenery, the ‘different’ environment and culture, the food, the facilities and the bespoke service we get from Discover. All true, but the single biggest reason and the key is the quality of the teaching—the best field centre tutoring I have ever experienced.”
Peter Price, Charterhouse

Our trips to Morocco with our DP1 students are constantly one of the high points of the two year course. The nine days spent in Morocco with excellent leaders that are focused on the educational experience of the students, enriches the whole course with knowledge, understanding, examples and case studies. For us, a key advantage of the trip is to place students in situations where they are encouraged to engage with people from different cultures and backgrounds which helps to develop their sense of international mindedness. The students ultimately develop as geographers!”
Richard Allaway and Ellena Mart, International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations

Our locations

Cévennes National Park

For 2017, we will be operating out of the ski station Mont Lozère, France. Mont Lozère occupies a stunning geographical position in a landscape rich in Mediterranean and alpine flora and fauna. Based in the Causse-Cévennes UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are in easy striking distance of the Tarn Gorge and its spectacular limestone scenery, the glacial and volcanic landscapes of the Massif Central, the Mediterranean coast, with its tourist resorts and the Camargue Regional Nature Reserve.

Educational tours in Morocco

Discover can take you from the summit of Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa, to the edge of the vast Sahara Desert. We can guide you through the bewildering variety of Marrakech’s souk and let you witness the living theatre of its enormous square, the infamous Jemaa el Fna. Students and teachers alike return from Morocco with eyes opened and lives enriched by contact with the Moroccan people.

Video of students in Morocco

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